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Milan, IT

Real Estate

Start up

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Company info

We are Pan-European Technology and Real Estate experts. 

Our Goal is to make Real Estate transactions as simple as transferring money via Online Banking.  CASAVO unites a team of world class technology-and real estate experts with a proven track-record of building market leading companies and a successful track record of more than a 1000+ successful transactions within the last 5 years. We started CASAVO in early 2017 based on the need we saw to revolutionise the way we buy and sell properties in Europe and aim to simplify this process tremendously, while always delivering the best possible customer service. CASAVO makes it possible to sell a home online in minutes, removing all of the headache, uncertainty and risk from the transaction.   

Fast Apply job

Operations Intern

We are young, expert and technology addicted. Our team is truly international, even if our beats are in Milan. We collaborate with the recognized investors and Real estate professionals to strive our goal of making the real estate market simple, fast and secure. 
As we grow at the speed of light we are looking for an exceptional talent to pursue this mission. analytical ability, creativity, and integrity to join a team of amazingly talented engineers, analysts and disruptive marketers who has already found raised in the first six months 9.4 € mln to fuel our objectives.
We don’t aim to build the best product within specific industry, we have just created a market where there’s no competitor. Just like Amazon, Uber and AirB&B have already done. 

What you will do

  • Analyze. 
    You will receive Leads by our different sourcing channels and will go through data and market, test and iterate, with a very data-driven mindset.

  • Execute. 
    You will go through all the steps of Casavo’s transaction process, closing your own panel of real estate deals.  

  • Supervise. 
    You will oversee all the transactions-related activities carried over by Casavo external partners (e.g. brokers, due diligence experts, renovations vendors and technicians.)

  • Support. 
    You will be an asset for the operations team, actively contributing the overall strategic goals. 

What we are looking for

Education: Management, Economics, Management Engineering master’s degree.

Experience: 0/1 year of exp.

Languages: English and Italian 

Interview Steps

  1. Skype

  2. Live HR

  3. Live business

English, Italian

Milan, IT

Duration: 6 months

Paid (800€)

Cover letter: Yes

Deadline: 01/8/2018
Start: Sept 2018

Every day, a new internship offer. 

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